At Too Faced we’ve built a culture of innovation, creativity and fun, where everyone is inspired to color outside the lines.

Jeremy Johnson, Co-Founder, Too Faced Cosmetics

Prestige cosmetics company offering innovative, cruelty-free products that empower women to “Own Their Pretty”

Personal Care & Beauty
Irvine, CA
Jerrod Blandino & Jeremy Johnson
Investment Realized
  • #1 Best-Selling Prestige Mascara
  • Top 5 EMV
  • 4 Hero Product Launches
  • 30+ Countries Where Sold
Too Faced 2

A Serious Makeup Brand that Knows How to Have Fun!

Inspired by the idea that makeup is power—and should also be fun—Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson founded Too Faced Cosmetics in 1998 to bring levity to the too serious state of the cosmetics industry. After more than a decade of growth, Jerrod and Jeremy sought a partner who could help them achieve their global aspirations.

In 2011, we partnered with Too Faced’s founders to elevate the promising indie brand into a leading global beauty brand.

We helped Jerrod and Jeremy expand their reach by pioneering a digitally-focused marketing strategy that raised awareness of the brand globally, paired with a comprehensive merchandizing, education, and sampling strategy that got products into the hands of consumers. The company accelerated sales by doubling down on Too Faced’s key retail partners, Sephora and Ulta, while expanding its direct and international businesses. Too Faced built on its innovation legacy to introduce category-defining new products and franchises including Better Than Sex mascara, Born This Way foundation, Melted lipsticks, and Chocolate Bar and Peach palettes.

To help Jerrod and Jeremy realize their vision, we supported them with industry-leading talent including the former CEO of Neutrogena and Philosophy, as well as key leaders in sales, marketing, education, e-commerce, and international. With these initiatives, we helped Jerrod and Jeremy bring their empowering message to consumers worldwide.

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