Partnership, not Ownership

We work collaboratively with strong management teams to accelerate growth and build enduring businesses

Growth Equity
$25 - $150+
Profitable Businesses
$5 - $25+
million EBITDA
$25 - $250+
Flexible Ownership Position
Minority &

Investment Criteria

We invest across the consumer value chain and have built substantial experience and a network of operating executives across all consumer verticals.

We have a long history of investing in strong management teams, and entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses. As a testament to our belief in the importance of management, we seek to invest in both majority as well as minority ownership stakes with our partners.

We are very careful to capitalize our companies for growth and for the investment required to build greatness. We look for management teams who share our conservative view on leverage.

Industry Focus

Entrepreneurs are constantly creating new businesses to capitalize on opportunities to innovate and disrupt competition and address unmet market demand.

Our goal is to find and partner with these management teams and help them maximize their growth and profit potential while avoiding the pitfalls that accompany expansion.

We focus on companies across the consumer value chain where we have significant experience, resources and a network to help these teams navigate the challenges of growth.

Investing Across the Consumer Value Chain

Building Value

We place great value on partnering with passionate entrepreneurs and strong operators. We have extensive sector expertise and develop a deep understanding of prospective investments so that we can better identify opportunities and threats.

In addition to our investment professionals, we involve experienced executives within our extensive network who are attuned to the individual needs of each business. These executives work collaboratively with our teams to mentor and guide them through infrastructure building, systems and process development and growth initiatives.

We leverage our knowledge and diligence to develop a shared playbook with management that identifies areas where Main Post can assist, and we follow through on our commitments. Areas where we have historically focused include:

Our Experience
Growth Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Team Building
Real Estate
Supply Chain
Channel Strategy
Exit Strategy